“I decided to meet Natalie through a friend’s recommendation. I had gotten some bad news from my doctor and my career was not in a stable place. My friend thought that meeting Natalie might just be “what the doctor ordered”   We started the conversation about what had transpired in my life over the past year or so. Right from the start she made me feel very comfortable and stated there were no judgments here. I felt an instant connection to her and had no problem opening up and trusting her giving myself a “mental enema” in her presence.  She asked where I wanted to be 1 year from now, I told her, and she took it all in. That was where we began.


Over the next year she took the time to make sure the goals I identified were all being worked towards, everything from career goals, financial concerns and health issues.  She has given me MOTIVATION and FOCUS and DEDICATION in my life. During this year I have successfully navigated career changes, financial ups and downs and health issues.  Through motivation and goal setting techniques, tailored workout/ nutritional plans, and specialized physical trainer referrals  my finances are getting back to where I want them, my career is going in the right direction ,I have dropped almost 55 pounds, my blood pressure is  normal and my blood work is perfect. The gym is a new healthy part of my life providing me with not only physical benefits but confidence, a great source of stress reduction and more self esteem.  Natalie held me accountable for my actions and has given me the knowledge about myself that I can do it. ” Ken Vance, 47, New Jersey


“I just wanted to send a long overdue thank you. Through working with you I have come to realize you make me want to better myself, to improve
mentally/physically/spiritually, and not to just sleepwalk through life. It
is one thing to say “I am not like all of these others” and it is true
enough as far as it goes, but it is quite another thing to grow above that
simple factual observation. You inspire me to open myself up to change; to
put my surface desires on hold in order to serve a larger or greater goal.
And you have taught me (or revealed to me) that it in doing so, I
can discover deeper truths. That in serving myself and others I can and do grow in understanding of myself and of the workings of the universe. The energy of this knowledge hits like a bolt of electricity. I am revitalized and can’t thank you enough.” Frank Cohen, 46, Manhattan, NY