Life Coaching

A life coach is your personal collaborator.  Since every person is unique, their life coaching experience will also be unique.  You will develop a trusting relationship with your coach who will assist you with your personal development and encourage self- discovery.  The first step will be uncovering your vision if you don’t already have one. Through self-actualization and exploring your life, your vision will become clear.  You will work with your coach, building your own unique strategy.  It is the duty of a life coach to take an all- encompassing approach, helping you identify your goals, values, obstacles, finding balance among all areas of you life.  Life coaching will help you not to be scared to be you.  Not to fear change and to finally be able to unchain yourself and grow to reach your vision.

Life coaching will provide you with an abundance of tools and resources but it is a two-way street.  You will only get out of it as much as you put in.  Your life coach cannot change your life for you they can only show you how, motivate you to do so, and hold you accountable for your actions.  Life coaching will the catalyst you’ve been searching for.

Life coaching vs therapy

According to Rhonda Britten author of Fearless Living “In simplistic terms, a therapist is [there] to heal the wounds of the past, and a life coach supports you in moving your life forward.”  Or as Dr. Edward A. Dreyfus says “Whereas psychotherapy focuses on the past and the present, coaching focuses on the present and future.”

A personal coach focuses on:

  • Helping people plan their personal goals.
  • Motivating clients to do more than they would on their own to reach those goals.
  • Helping their clients to focus better and holding them accountable so they may reach their goals more quickly.
  • Helping clients plan more effectively.
  • Providing clients with the necessary tools, support, and structure to execute their strategy and accomplish more.



Life Coaching is an investment in yourself.  The benefits from making that investment will last a lifetime. Through life coaching you will achieve:

Clarity and focus about what you need and want. You will discover the reasons why you want it and most importantly how you to get it.

Strategies and techniques that will facilitate you reaching your goals faster.

Confidence that will develop you as a person, building your self-esteem.  You will learn to believe in yourself, making sure you live up to your fullest potential.

Growth that will have you exploring new ideas and possibilities in your life. This growth will allow you to bridge the gap from where you are now and where you want to be.

Balance in your life, syncing your values and goals, removing obstacles and stressors and finding positivity from your successes. You will achieve harmony between your personal and professional life.

Support and accountability by working with someone throughout this process who will encourage you and keep you moving forward.