The services listed here are a general guideline but far from an all encompassing list.  Everyone is on their own journey so what you need will be unique to you.

Personal Training (functional training, postural distortion correction, strength training, yoga, endurance training)

Life coaching (personal wellness- happiness, growth, discovery, spirituality, nutrition, sexual wellness and fitness)

KinkyCoaching ™ / Alternative lifestyle counseling (dealing with the unique issues of BDSM, fetish lifestyle, LGBT, and polyamorous lifestyles)

Relationship coaching (romantic, sexual, spousal, familial, and parental)

Coaching can be one on one or for groups.  I offer group sessions to couples, business partners, and family members. I also offer coaching to young adults in high school and college.

Coaching can be done by phone, online, or in person at my studio or travel to you.


Pricing will vary depending on service, duration and location (virtual, in-facility or travel).

Traditional Coaching starts at $175
Personal Training starts at $200
KinkyCoaching ™ starts at $300